So, do you want the long story? Or the short story? Ya, that’s what we thought.

We are just a couple of guys with (sort of) normal lives, who grew up strumming along with Dads and Uncles around campfires and kitchen tables. We ended up being in the same band back in the early nineties.

A bunch of years ago, rummaging through our respective Boxes of Old Junk, we stumbled on some tunes that each of us had written. We shared some of them with each other, and decided that it might be fun to put some time and effort into them, maybe even write a couple of new ones. This time and effort though always needs to be balanced with the other demands on our time, but that’s OK…this is a hobby, and there are no real deadlines.

Actually getting to a point in late 2012 where we agreed that our first cd “Long Time Coming” was finished was immensely rewarding, and just a little frightening. The late 2014 release of our EP “Hints of Clarity” was just as much so, on both counts. The whole process was a hoot, but what we enjoy most is playing these tunes for folks and so are grateful for any chance to sit and do just that.

Thank you for visiting our website, hope that you browse around a bit to check out some of the tunes, and if you happen to pop over to the facebook page please feel free to drop a comment or something there.