Long Time Coming (2012)

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Songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Al Brown.
Produced by Wendell Wilson and Rod Delcourt
CD Cover and website homepage photo: Yuri Fedoro
Cyberspace stuff go-to guy: Justin Antoszek

Heartfelt appreciation goes out to Al Brown for the support, patience and hoop-jumping; John Dillabough for the beautiful chord progression and melody; Tim McCurdy for the unbridled enthusiasm and tasteful drumming; and of course, our families.


Long Time Coming
© 2008 Rod Delcourt
Wrote this in 1991. I think it was about finding love. Re-wrote it in 2008. Now I think it’s just about just finding…..something.
It’s Only Love
© 1991 Wendell Wilson
Some songs are about love, some are about money. This one’s about love.
It's Not Your Leaving
© 2008 Rod Delcourt
“The deepest wounds aren't the ones we get from other people hurting us. They are the wounds we give ourselves when we hurt other people.” ― Isobelle Carmody, Alyzon Whitestarr
You Said
© 2008 Rod Delcourt, John Dillabough
Poetry never mattered much, just a bunch of words in a bunch of books I’d read….
Will We Do the Same?
© 1976 Wendell Wilson
Are timing, living and loving just a game?
© 2008 Rod Delcourt
Poking fun at myself at my general lack of sense of direction. Or, me trying to be deeply philosophical. You decide.
What it Takes
© 2009 Rod Delcourt
No idea where this one came from. Just having some fun.
Angel’s Share
© 2009 Wendell Wilson, Rod Delcourt
In distilleries, the small amount of whiskey lost through evaporation during the distilling process is referred to as the Angel’s Share. Ya, I guess they deserve a ‘wee nip now and then.
Moonlit Night
© 2007 Rod Delcourt, John Dillabough
Found these lyrics in That Old Box of Junk. Then one day John played these chords and sang da da da da da da. We smiled.
Echoes Answering
© 2006 Rod Delcourt
This is another one that goes back to 1990/1991. Over the years it’s lived through many incarnations. I think it’s almost done.
Wasted Moments
© 1991 Wendell Wilson
Sometimes it’s not easy, but time is always too scarce to waste.
The Wind
© 2008 Rod Delcourt, Wendell Wilson
Someone was sharing concerns and worries one day. Next thing I knew, there were a bunch of words on a piece of paper.