Hints of Clarity (2014)

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Thanks to:

Songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Al Brown.
Produced by Wendell Wilson and Rod Delcourt.
Cyberspace stuff go-to guy continues to be: Justin Antoszek
Artwork technical assistance: Melissa Malloy and Del Carry

Heaps of appreciation must be piled on folks like Al Brown for all the recording wizardry; Ken Reynolds for just doing what he does with a song and a drum kit; and everyone who has ever come out to one of our shows.

We must also acknowledge the Jordan Motor Car Company Inc. Thanks Ned for the imagery.


Joy You Bring
© 2012 Rod Delcourt
Fortunate to have wonderful kids. That's all.
Hold On
© 2012 Wendell Wilson, Rod Delcourt
Holding on can sometimes mean moving on.
All I Do
© 2013 Rod Delcourt
What sometimes maybe should have been, eh?
Ode to Ol’ Ned
© 2012 Wendell Wilson, Rod Delcourt
There was this news story about an early 1900's car manufacturer's advertisement, about it being chock full of imagery and playing on emotion. But that's a different story.
Midnight BLT (live)
© 2013 Rod Delcourt, Wendell Wilson
I simply couldn't sleep one night.....